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Rise to new challenges!
All new story-driven campaigns expand your Star Wars experience.
You've proven your mettle, kept calm while the battle raged on, survived the first waves of attack.
Now a new set of challenges awairs you in two, immersive story driven campaigns that redefine your Star Wars experience. Fly for the Imperial Navy or for the Rebel Alliance in 30 cooperative missions where up to 8 pilots join in this action-packed saga. Seek our and destroy a Rebel shipyard. Or, ravage a Super Star Destroyer and sabotage the Empire. Your choice. Plus, engage in new head-to-head and four-person melee missions.
Can your survive the challenge and tip the balance of power?


The mission disk for X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter was released in 1997 too. It finally contains everything, including what was missing in the original game - campaign with story and cut-scenes.
This mission disk contains:
  • New starfighter on Rebel side - B-Wing

  • Several new starships and space objects, such as the Super Star Destroyer, Rebel Medium Transport, Modified Corellian Corvette and Light Calamari Cruiser

  • Two new campaigns (1 for Rebels and 1 for Imperial, both campaigns have 15 missions for up to 8 players)

  • 6 cut-scenes, which help complete story-line of campaigns

  • Eight Combat missions

  • Two Melee missions

  • One new Battle

  • Damage to HUD components

  • Hyperspace sequence

    Description of new campaigns:

  • Spreading the Rebellion - the campaign for the Rebel Alliance starts with evacuation of Rebel's base and continues with the classic attack against the Empire, capturing an Imperial Interdictor Cruiser and other events. The whole campaign ends with an assault on the Super Star Destroyer Vengeance.

  • Imperial Task Force Vengeance - the campaign for the Empire. The player is a member of the elite Avenger squadron under the leadership of Admiral Senn. The player fights in missions, which are very similar to the story-line as Rebel's campaign. The campaign ends with the destruction of the Rebel's factory.

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