Demo version of TIE Fighter game has 1.51 MB. Demo is composited of two files so don't forget download both files: ftp://ftp.lucasarts.com/demos/pc/Tiedem1.zip and ftp://ftp.lucasarts.com/demos/pc/Tiedem2.zip. Demo contains one mission which isn't part of full game and slideshow with screenshots of the game. Demo is interesting for various differences in comparison with full game. You can see this differences HERE.

Description of demo mission:

  • Mission Briefing (for TIE Fighter Group Alpha): Your flight will be responsible for eliminating any opposition at the Rebel repair yard near Remitik. In the absence of any active defense you will assist in the destruction of the repair yard. This is to prepare for an ambush of any ships escaping the attack on Hoth. As Rebel ships enter the area you are to engage and destroy them. Take no prisoners! Good Hunting!

  • Primary Win Condition: Destruction of Rebel repair yard and all disabled craft in the area.

  • Secondary Win Condition: Destruction of all entering Rebel craft except A-wing Rogue.

  • Bonus Win Condition: Destruction of A-wing Rogue.

  • Mission Log: We are all tremendously excited about the upcoming attack. The Rebels main base has been discovered on the ice planet Hoth. A huge assault force is being sent to destroy it. Our role will be to support the attack by preparing an ambush for any Rebels that manage to escape their doom on Hoth. We are being sent to the Remitik system to destroy a small repair yard there and wait for the Rebel vermin to bolt from their holes. Our starfighters are to be launched from Assassin-class Corvettes because all of the large capital ships in the sector are being used at Hoth. This will be my first real combat mission as a TIE Fighter pilot. No more simulators! To the glory of the Empire!

    This mission is quite good and long. All demo is very interesting on account of good mission and mainly differences in comparison with full game. If you know full version of TIE Fighter download it and try.

  • Logo.
    The creators of game.
    Cockpit of TIE Fighter.
    Rebel repair yard destroyed.
    Assault on Rebel corvette.
    Spring 1994 (nearly 10 years) .


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