Demo version of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter game has 6.13 MB. You can download it from LucasArts's ftp server: ftp://ftp.lucasarts.com/demos/pc/Xvtdemo.exe. This demo has multiplayer too. It contains two missions - one clasic cooperation mission and one melee mission. The both missions could be played with other players.

The first mission (Train\Demo.tie) is called "Rogue Squadron Attacks ISD Dominance". The player pilots classic X-Wing a must destroy ISD Dominance which is waiting for rendevous with resupply convoy. The Dominance is protected by 12 TIE Bombers, 24 TIE Interceptors and 36 TIE Fighters. In the end could the player takes out the resupply convoy too.

The second mission (Melee\Demo.tie) is called "Dogfighting Melee In Open Space". The player(s) pilots X-Wing of TIE Interceptor in classic multi-player deathmatch and must destroy the most enemy starfighters. The player with the most kills is winner.

Intro picture (very ugly ).
Craft database.
The first mission briefing.
Dogfight with TIE Interceptor.
ISD Dominance and TIE Bomber.
Assault on shields generator.
The second (melee) mission.
... with TIE Interceptors.


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