In X-Wing Alliance's downloadable demo for Windows 95/98 you will pilot your family's Corellian transport, which is much like the famed Millennium Falcon, in a dangerous and exciting mission. Jump into the laser turrets and destroy attacking enemy ships. Hyperspace between sectors while trying to avoid Imperial entanglements. This demo should give you just a taste of what it will be like to fly one of the 50 single player missions in X-Wing Alliance. With native support for 3D hardware, dynamic music with iMUSE, 3D sound, rudder control and force feedback support, you will have your most intense Star Wars space combat experience ever.

Demo version of X-Wing Alliance game has 27.8 MB. You can download it from this page: http://www.gamesdomain.com/demos/demo/835.html. The demo contrains only one mission (Demo.tie) named "Liberate Warheads from Rival Family". This mission is in fact the second mission of the third battle of full game "Supply Rebels with Warheads" (1b3m2fb.tie) but with several differences.
The player in Corellian transport moves in and intercepts the Viraxo shipment. When player clear area of fighters and defense, family's freighters will arrive to take the cargo of warheads. The player than escorts the freighters to the randevous point with Rebels.

In demo mission the player starts from Azzameen Family base (in full game from Liberty Cruise, because in Battle 2 is Ace member of Rebel Alliance). Then the player jump in Viraxo's storage facility where must inspect containers with warheads and destroy defence. Then arrive family's Container Transports (Magnum 1 - 3) and player must protect them. Container Transports with warheads then jump in transit point (Here mission in full game ends, because there are waiting Rebels corvettes Ithor 1 - 3.)
In demo mission arrives to transit point ISD Colossus and launches TIE Fighters, TIE Interceptors and TIE Bombers. The player must again protect transports. Finally the Container Transports jump in randevous point with Rebels so mission is completed. The player then flies back home to Azzameen Family base.

Intro picture.
Mission description.
Actione in laser turret.
Containers inspecting.
Another Supa Fighter down.
Our Container Transports.
TIE Fighter.
ISD Colossus.
Mission completed.
Back home.
Landing on base.


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